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Lift Chairs Sold at Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy

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Capri Lift Chair – Value Series

Capri-Lift-Chair-Value-Series-Sold-at-Dan's-Wellness-PharmacyThe Capri’s classic Colonial button-back design is enhanced by a slightly firmer lumbar support area. Its arms offer a wider, more rounded design for extra comfort and stability. A truly sensible lift/recliner, the Capri combines dependability with long-lasting comfort and style.  Click Here to Read More Information.

Cloud Lift Chair – MaxiComfort Series

Cloud-Lift-Chair-MaxiComfort-Series-sold-at-Dans-Wellness-Pharmacy2Always the leaders in lift chair innovation, Golden brings hybrid sizing to lift chairs! If your customers have said the original Cloud was too big for them, or too big for their home, we are proud to introduce the new hybrid small/ medium Cloud PR510SME! The new small/medium Cloud is recommended for people 5’1″ to 5’6″. The original Cloud’s dimensions have stayed the same but it’s now recommended for people 5’7″ to 6’4″. Fit more clients in two models and take up less space on your showroom floor!  Click Here to Read More Information.

Comforter Series

Comforter-Series-Lift-Chairs-sold-at-Dans-Wellness-Pharmacy2The Comforter Series from Golden Technologies is all about finding the perfect size for the perfect fit. The Comforter Series offers five sizes to comfortably fit people from 5’0″ to 6’8″ with weight capacities ranging from 300 to 375 lbs. Featuring a plush, seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft,  comfortable seat and our user-friendly “grip rite” arm design, the Comforter series is your ideal lift chair solution.  Click Here to Read More Information.

Monarch Lift Chair – Value Series

Monarch-Lift-Chair-Value-Series-sold-at-Dans-Wellness-Pharmacy2The Monarch is a distinctive lift/recliner that combines a generously stuffed seam back with a soft supportive seat. Its three-way recline system allows you to get into our “full napper” position for deep comfort. Combining ample room to relax and a tasteful design, the Monarch will be a welcome addition to your home.  Click Here to Read More Information.

Day Dreamer Lift Chair – MaxiComfort Series

Day-Dreamer-Maxicomfort-Series-Lift-Chair-sold-at-Dans-Wellness-PharmacyThe DayDreamer with the exclusive PowerPillow™ provides the ultimate in position control. Recline back and adjust your head and neck using the exclusive powered head pillow. MaxiComfort combined with the PowerPillow offers maximum comfort options.  Click Here to Read More Information.

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