Health Information

Additional Health Sites Provided Below:

AIDS Information from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Read in-depth about the guidelines to treatment and prevention, new and improved drugs approved to treat HIV, clinical test and trials, and preventive and therapeutic vaccines. This site also provides health topics for providers, researchers, patients, and the public.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
Explore a variety of different issues related to allergies, asthma, and immunizations with With an A-Z search engine, discover if your symptoms correlate with those allergy symptoms and conditions, educate yourself with a new research topic of the month, and discover new medicines with an in-depth online medication guide.

American Diabetes Association
This site has it all. It includes an in-depth look at the various types of diabetes (1 & 2), pre-diabetic signs and symptoms, advancements in scientific research and the future of medicine, to prevention practices with risk test analysis by actual doctors. Healthy recipes are offered as is information related to local and national community groups. It even includes a section for young adults, children, and teens.

American Lung Association
Whether it’s bronchitis, asthma, or even lung cancer, has all the information you need to learn more about your diagnosis, your lungs, and how they work. It also includes research about advanced treatments, opportunities with new medications, programs and events, and even an A-Z search engine for all lung-related complications.

Blood Pressure Information – Omron Healthcare
Learn more about your own blood pressure, what’s considered a normal/healthy rate, how to take the right reading, and a variety of new ways for you to monitor your blood pressure in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Children With Diabetes
With online chat rooms and an open forum for in-depth discussions, this is a great site for parents that have children of all ages with diabetes. You can ask more personalized questions about insulin reactions, pump rates, and local clinics. You can also find out what other problems parents are dealing with during their everyday activities.

Gennex Healthcare Technologies
This is a comprehensive site for women’s healthcare issues. Topics include pregnancy tips, diet, nutrition and exercise information, and health concerns associated with varying age groups.

This is a site dedicated to helping professional clinicians and physicians. It includes an extensive database of diseases and illnesses, drug tables and medications. Also available are online financial and medical calculators that help you determine an appropriate retirement age, pay off loans, invest and allow you to figure out your dosing ratio’s, oxygen content, fluid volumes, drip rates, blood alcohol levels and more.

Mayo Clinic
This site offers all around health advice for both men and women. Find information about diseases and their conditions, specialized drugs and supplements, how to make the right treatment decisions for you or your loved one, living a healthy lifestyle, and tips about parenting and child programs. You can also search your topic by name, ask an online specialist, sign up for an appointment or routine check-up, and read about recent health developments.

Men’s Health Network
This site offers the latest news about significant men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, free screenings, and health fairs. It also includes informational links to journal articles and online forum discussions.

National Kidney Foundation
This site provides relevant news and events related to kidney research. It also provides a thorough explanation about your kidneys and how they work. Filter through the A-Z health guide and pan through their diet and nutrition guide to living a healthy life and eating right for your kidney’s sake.

SAMHSA National Mental Health Information Center
Search a comprehensive database of topics to include a child’s mental health development, anxiety and stress management techniques, and community support programs. You can also review national health topics and detailed discussions with many other helpful online links and publications.

Weight Watchers
Sign up for an online account for healthy habit emails or just visit frequently to learn more about playing it safe with exercise and activity, preparing quick, easy and healthy meals, new recipes and more. This site helps you discover which weight watcher summer plan works best for you.