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Expand for our most current Covid-19 information, policies and procedures.

To our valued customers.

We are taking extra precautions during the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Protocols are changing on a daily basis, but we want to keep you informed on some of the things we are doing.

The steps we are taking are not only to protect our customers, but also to protect our staff so that we can stay well and be here to serve you. We do not know what lies ahead, but by being proactive and cautious we are hoping to be able to serve you throughout this pandemic.

You will notice temporary plexi-glass barriers at the drop off and pick up windows. This is to protect both our customers and staff. We want to stay well to continue to serve you.

Below is a copy of our cleaning protocol. We have incorporated current government guidelines into our cleaning protocol.

Temporary cleaning protocol:

Every hour around the top of the hour, disinfect the register, and drop off counter tops and surrounding areas, doors and drive thru using either alcohol or Clorox type disinfectant cleaner. Use a spray bottle and paper towels. As needed disinfect when you visually see someone coughing or sneezing. In addition, after every 10 people served disinfect again. Keep a distance of 3 feet from any customer and 6 feet from customers who are actively coughing or sneezing. Use hand sanitizer at least every hour or wash hands. An alarm is set to remind everyone to clean. When it goes off someone should announce “cleaning time” to make staff and customers aware. Complete your transaction then take a minute to clean your surroundings making sure all counter tops, doors, handles, etc are cleaned. In addition, after receiving cash, prescriptions, or any other object handed to you by a customer, use hand sanitizer or wash hands. People still need their medical supplies. After fitting a brace, stockings, or any other item, use hand sanitizer.

Only use a mild cleaner, Windex, glass cleaner on any screens or credit card/signature pads. Do not use Clorox or alcohol on signature pads (it will ruin them)
Clean signature stylus with alcohol swab after each customer. Disinfect the exterior case of the drive thru signature pad with Clorox type cleaner every hour or after 10 customers whichever comes first. Do not use this on the screen. Only use mild cleaner/Windex on screens.
(Updated 3/14/2020)


If you are feeling ill, have unusual shortness of breath, fatigue or cough, please avoid coming into the pharmacy. Instead call us and use the drive thru. Inform us that you are not feeling well so we can take extra precautions. We will then gladly help you with your prescriptions or OTC purchases. While at the Drive Thru, please keep the conversations quick and efficient so we can keep the line moving to accommodate the increased Drive Thru Volume. We are always here to answer your questions by phone or text (texting is available with our RxLocal app).

We will post updates for Covid-19 information, policies and procedures when necessary. For updated information please visit our facebook page at:

Thank you!
Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy

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