New Refill Software to Serve You Better

During the transition to our new and improved software, please call us with your refills at 540-657-0006. You may speak to one of us or you can just follow the prompts and enter your prescription numbers to refill.

Our online system should be live on Friday Jan 17. We will also have a new app. It is called RxLocal. you can just text “RxLocal” to 64890 to download the app, then follow the New Registration prompts. The app will be live on Friday Jan 17 also.

Thank you for your patience during our software upgrade

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Call our qualified staff today at (540) 657-0006

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Our Mission
To provide a superior level of health and wellness services to our community. We offer extraordinary customer service in a professional and technologically advanced neighborhood pharmacy.

Experience the Difference of your local Independently-owned Pharmacy. In addition to filling prescriptions, we offer quality herbal and homeopathic remedies, medical and home health care supplies, and a drive thru window. Home delivery service is available.

Download our new hassle free App, "RxLocal", for all your prescription refills! you can just text "RxLocal" to 64890 to download the app, then follow the new registration prompts. Or, if using your home computer, you can click here to get started with RxLocal.