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To Dan's Wellness Pharmacy

Transfer your prescriptions now. Dan's Wellness Pharmacy is currently a Tricare Retail Network Provider

What You Need to Know:

* Starting Dec. 1, 2016, CVS pharmacies will leave the TRICARE retail pharmacy network. If you fill a prescription drug at a CVS pharmacy after that date, you will pay the full retail price* for your drugs.

* If you are currently filling a prescription at a CVS pharmacy, you should transfer it to Dan's Wellness Pharmacy by Dec. 1.

* Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy makes it easy to transfer your prescriptions.

* More than 58,000 pharmacies are in the TRICARE network, including independent pharmacies.

* You can fill your prescriptions at Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy NOW!



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Our Mission
To provide a superior level of health and wellness services to our community. We offer extraordinary customer service in a professional and technologically advanced neighborhood pharmacy.

Experience the Difference of your local Independently-owned Pharmacy. In addition to filling prescriptions, we offer quality herbal and homeopathic remedies, medical and home health care supplies, and a drive thru window. Home delivery service is available.