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February 2016

Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy Monthly Newsletter filled with coupons, articles and resources for the health of you and your family.

Share Your Love

Help Lower Your Family’s Heart-Disease Risk with These Tips

Share-Your-Love-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-February-2016Want to serve your family meals that will leave them satisfied while also helping to protect them from heart disease and stroke? Limit these ingredients to items considered special treats.

  • Saturated fats. Saturated fat is usually found in pizza, ice cream, fried chicken, cakes and cookies, bacon, and hamburgers. Less than 10% of your daily calories should be from saturated fats.
  • Trans fats. These are found mainly in commercially prepared baked goods, snack foods, fried foods and margarine.
  • Cholesterol. Cholesterol is found in food such as bacon, whole milk, cheese made from whole milk, ice cream, full-fat frozen yogurt and eggs. (Eggs are a major source of dietary cholesterol for Americans, but studies show that eating one egg a day does not increase the risk for heart disease in healthy people.) Aim for less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day.… Continue reading

Kids’ Dental Health

How Do Cavities Develop?

When a tooth is exposed to acid frequently – for example, if your child eats or drinks frequently, especially foods or drinks containing sugar and starches – the repeated cycles of acid attacks cause the enamel to lose minerals. A white spot may appear where minerals have been lost. This is sign of early decay.

Tooth decay can be stopped or reversed at this point. Enamel can repair itself by using minerals form saliva and fluoride from toothpaste or other sources.

But if the tooth-decay process continues, more minerals are lost. Over time, the enamel is weakened and destroyed, forming a cavity. A cavity is permanent damage that a dentist has to repair with a filling.

It’s important to break this “cavity cycle” with regular brushing, flossing and visits to your child’s dentist for professional cleanings.

–Source: National Institutes of Health

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

What’s the Difference?


There are two main forms of diabetes:

Type 1 Diabetes

This form of diabetes develops when the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, known as beta cells, are destroyed. The destruction of the beta cells limits the making and release of insulin, a hormone that helps lower blood sugar. This disease can occur at any age, but the peak ages for diagnosis are in the middle teen years. There is no known way to prevent type 1 diabetes. To survive, people with type 1 diabetes must have insulin delivered by injection or pump.

Type 2 Diabetes

This form of diabetes is the most common, accounting for about 90 to 95% of diagnosed diabetes in U.S. adults. It usually begins as insulin resistance, a disorder in which cells, primarily within the muscles, liver and fat tissue, do not use insulin properly. The risk of developing type 2… Continue reading

Senior Health Update

Get Active to Help Relieve Arthritis Pain

Senior-Health-Update-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-February-2016Long gone are the days when doctors told people with arthritis to “rest their joints.” In fact, physical activity can reduce pain and improve function, mobility mood and quality of life for most adults with many types of arthritis including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and lupus. Physical activity can also help people with arthritis manage other chronic condition such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Most people with arthritis can safely participate in a self-directed physical-activity program or join one of many proven programs available in communities across the country. Some people may benefit from physical or occupational therapy. Being physically active also can delay the onset of disability if you have arthritis.

Of course, people with arthritis may have a difficult time being physically active because of symptoms (e.g., pain, stiffness); their lack of confidence in knowing how much and what to… Continue reading

Hookah Smoking

Educate Your Child about the Dangers

Hookah-Smoking-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-February-2016Similar to cigarettes, hookah smoking delivers the addictive drug nicotine and it is at least as toxic as cigarette smoking. Hookahs are water pipes that are used to smoke specially made tobacco that is usually flavored. Hookah smoking is typically practiced in groups, with the same mouthpiece passed from person to person.

In recent years, there has been an increase in hookah use, most notably among youth and college students. The Monitoring the Future survey found that in 2014, about 23% of 12th-grade students in the U.S. had used hookahs in the past year, up from 17 % in 2010. The CDC’s National Youth Tobacco Survey found that from 2013 to 2014, hookah smoking roughly doubled for middle and high school students in the U.S.

Hookah smoke contains many of the same harmful toxins as cigarette smoke and has been associated with lung cancer,… Continue reading

Did You Know?

Help Prevent the Spread of Colds

Did-You-Know-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-February-2016Hand washing is one of the best ways you and your family can help prevent the spread of colds. Wash your hands often. To wash your hands correctly:

  • Rub soap onto wet hands for 20 seconds. Make sure to get under your fingernails. Dry your hands with clean paper towel and turn the faucet off with the paper towel.
  • If you are unable to wash your hands, you can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Use a dime-size amount and rub all over your hands until they are dry.

To further prevent the spread of colds:

  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or into the crease of your elbow and not into the air.

–Source: National Institutes of Health

Vitamin B12

A Powerhouse Nutrient

Vitamin-B12-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-February-2016Vitamin B12 helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. It also helps prevent a type of anemia, called megaloblastic anemia, that makes people tired and weak. You can get the recommended amounts of vitamin B12 by eating a variety of foods including the following:

  • Beef liver and clams, which are the best sources of vitamin B12.
  • Fish, meat, poultry, eggs, milk and other dairy products, which also contain vitamin B12.
  • Some breakfast cereals, nutritional yeasts and other food products that are fortified with vitamin B12. To find out if vitamin B12 has been added to a food product, check the product label.

Vitamin B12 is found in almost all multivitamins. Dietary supplements that contain only vitamin B12, or vitamin B12 with nutrients such as folic acid and other B vitamins, are also available. Some conditions… Continue reading