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Locally Owned Independent Pharmacy



I loved Dan’s!! There are extremely helpful the way places used to be. They go all out for their customers. First class service! I will never go anywhere else. When they are closed on Sundays I just wait 🙂 I appreciate the fact that they are closed on Sundays. If they don’t have what I need they do all they can to try and find it for me. I just can’t say enough kind things about them… All of them ..thanks girls for all of your kindness !!

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Dan saved our sanity and my daughter’s health when she had a bout of shingles. He suggested Peaceful Mountain’s Shingles Rescue Gel and it gave her instant relief.

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We’ve been going to Dan’s almost since he opened. I have never experienced such personalized service and friendly helpful people that not only know our faces but our names! Dan’s definitely the man! I can call with any question if he doesn’t have the answer he will find it!
It’s also been awesome to see this wonderful business grow! We need more places like Dan’s!

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dan before the opening of the Pharmacy and he explained what he wanted to do and the first day of opening I was changing all my family prescriptions. I love the home town feeling as if you are family. Dan , Julia and Kevin you are the greatest. Now for my girls who are the pharmacy techs. I love you. No matter how I’m feeling when I come in you make me smile and make me feel better. So Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy is the only place I do business. You are a person not a number. So Dan’s has my total loyalty.

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The best store you will ever deal with. They always have time for you and are thoughtful and careful with your medical needs.

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You all are the best!!! I am in an ICU in Massachusetts and you are taking care of getting my important prescription transferred here so I don’t have to leave my Mom’s side. Thank you so much!


I love how much it is an active and positive influence in our community. Thank you for doing what you do…. And that’s bringing quality service and goods to all of us!


Dan’s is not only the best pharmacy in Stafford but it has the best staff , too . Even their phone system beats everyone else’s . 911 could get some tips from Dan .


You can’t beat this place to get everything you couldn’t get from all the chain pharmacies out there. Thank you Dan’s Wellness Pharmacy.