(And Parents, Too!)

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Asthma (az-ma) is a condition that causes people to have trouble getting enough air into their lungs. An “asthma attack” is when you have trouble catching your breath. Some common triggers include:
• Dust in your house
• Tobacco smoke
• Dirty air outside
• Cockroach droppings
• Pets
• Mold
• Hard exercise that makes you breathe really fast
• Some medicines
• Bad weather
• Some kinds of food

Even getting really excited, or feeling very mad, sad or scared can cause an asthma attack.

Different kinds of medicine can help. Sometimes you’ll use an inhaler, a little can of special air you squirt into your mouth as you breathe in. Some contain “quick help” medicine to use if you are having trouble
breathing. Other inhalers contain medicine that helps keep your asthma under control.

Your doctor can explain more about your medications and how to use them. Remember: It’s always OK to ask questions! Your doctor is here to help.

Sources: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Asthma Control Program