Strings, Cords and Necklaces Can Strangle Infants

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has received numerous reports of infants who have been strangled by strings, cords, ribbons or necklaces around their necks.  These items can become caught on a product, such as a crib or play yard, or they can become tightly wrapped or twisted around a child’s neck.

Never tie pacifiers, necklaces, toys or other items around a child’s neck.  Never leave cords (such as those used to raise and lower household blinds) of any kind near an infant.  Take off bibs or other clothing tied around a child’s neck before putting the child in a crib or play yard.  Cut drawstrings out of hoods, jackets and waistbands in your baby’s or toddler’s wardrobe.

Source:  Consumer Product Safety Commission