Preventing Diaper Rash

Your-Babys-Health-from-Dans-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-October-2014A few simple strategies can help decrease the likelihood of diaper rash developing on your baby’s skin.

Remove dirty diapers promptly.  Rinse your baby’s bottom with water as part of each diaper change.  Moist washcloths and cotton balls also can aid in cleaning.  Avoid wipes that contain alcohol or fragrance.  Pat your baby’s skin dry with a clean towel.

When possible, let your baby go without a diaper.  Exposing skin to air is a natural and gentle way to let it try.  To avoid messy accidents, try laying your baby on a large towel and engage in some play time while he or she is bare-bottomed.

Consider using ointment regularly.  If your baby gets rashes often, apply a barrier ointment during each diaper change to prevent skin irritation.  Petroleum jelly and zinc oxide are the time-proven ingredients included in many prepared diaper ointments.

After changing diapers, wash your hands well.  Hand washing can prevent the spread of bacteria or yeast to other parts of your baby’s body, to you, or to other children.

— Source: Mayo Clinic