Try These Prevention and Treatment Tips

Corns-and-Calluses-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-April-2015April is Foot Health Awareness Month, and it’s great time to make sure your feet are in healthy shape for spring and summer. Corns and calluses are thick layers of skin caused by repeated pressure or friction. A corn is a thickened skin on the top or side of a toe. A callus is thickened skin on the hands or the soles of the feet. Preventing friction is often the only treatment needed.

To treat corns:

If poor-fitting shoes are causing the corn, change to shoes that fit better. Protect the corn with a doughnut-shaped corn pad while it heals. You can buy these at your pharmacy.

To treat calluses:

Calluses often occur due to excess pressure placed on the skin because of another problem such as bunions or hammertoes. Proper treatment of any underlying condition should prevent calluses from returning. Wearing gloves to protect your hands during activities that cause friction (such as gardening and weight lifting) can help prevent calluses. Lightly exfoliating your feet with a pumice stone weekly can help prevent build up of heavy calluses.

If an infection or ulcer occurs in an area of a callus or corn, see your doctor.

Source:  National Institutes of Health