Studies Examine Connection Between Gum Disease, Other Health Issues

Dental-Health-Dan's-Wellness-Pharmacy-Newsletter-May-2016In some recent studies, researchers have observed that people with gum disease (when compared with people without gum disease) were more likely to develop heart disease or have difficulty controlling blood sugar. Other studies showed women with gum disease were more likely than those with healthy gums to deliver pre-term, low birth-weight babies.

So far, it has not been determined whether gum disease is the cause of these conditions. There may be other reasons people with gum disease sometimes develop additional health problems. For example, something else may be causing both the gum disease and the other condition. More research is needed to clarify whether gum disease actually causes health problems beyond the mouth, and whether treating gum disease can keep other health conditions from developing. In the meantime, it’s a fact that controlling gum disease can save your teeth – a very good reason to take care of your teeth and gums.

– Source: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases