Living with Type 2 Diabetes

Managing diabetes can be challenging, but support from family members can make it much easier.  Here are four key steps to help you control your diabetes and live a long, active life.

Step 1:  Learn about diabetes.  Talk with your doctor or a diabetes educator about your condition and learn everything you can.  Knowledge is power!

Step 2:  Know your diabetes ABCs.  Talk with your healthcare team about how to manage your A1C (blood glucose or sugar), Blood pressure, and Cholesterol.  This will help lower your chances of having a heart attack, a stroke or other diabetes problems.

Step 3:  Manage your diabetes.  Many people are able to avoid serious long-term problems related to diabetes by taking good care of themselves. Work with your healthcare team to reach your ABC goals.

Step 4:  Get routine care to avoid problems.  See your healthcare team at least twice a year to find and treat any diabetes-related problems in the early stages.

–Source:  American Diabetes Association