Yes, Says the CDC

Do You Really Need a Flu Shot Dans Wellness Newsletter October 2015People sometimes ask their doctor:  “Even if I get sick with thte flu, won’t I recover quickly?”

The answer?  Not necessarily.  Influenza can be serious and anyone can become sick with flu and experience serious complications.  But even fi you bounce back quickly, others around you might not be so lucky.

Older people, young children, pregnant women and people with medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease and lung disease are at especially high risk from the flu.  Kids, teens and adults who are active and healthy also can get very sick from flu and spread it to others.  Some people can be infected with the flu virus but have no symptoms.  During this time, they can still spread the virus to others.

Don’t be the one spreading flu to those you care about.  Unless your doctor says you shouldn’t be vaccinated because you have a particular medical condition, get your flu shot.

–Source:  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention