Seven Ways to Sit Less and Move More

Fitness Update Dans Wellness Newsletter October 2015There’s strong scientific evidence that says frequent moderate-to-vigorous-intensity exercise plays a significant preventive role in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers.  The human body, with approximately 640 muscles and 206 bones, is made to move!  Create your own “action plan” for adding more daily activity.  Try these tips:

  1. Take a family walk after dinner.
  2. Get a pedometer and start tracking your steps. Aim for 10,000 or more per day.
  3. Walk your dog daily.
  4. Walk up and down escalators instead of just riding them.
  5. Walk fast when doing errands.
  6. Pace the sidelines at your kids’ athletic games.
  7. Pick up a new active hobby, such as cycling or hiking.

–Source:  American College of Sports Medicine