These Ideas Will Help Whittle Your List – and Their Waist!

Healthy-Holiday-Gifts-Dans-Wellness-Newsletter-December-2015This year, choose holiday gifts that will help your friends and family stay active, eat well and get healthier in 2016. Some suggestions:

  • Pedometers, exercise balls
  • Exercise classes (tai chi, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates or aerobics)
  • Dance classes
  • Dance-music CDs
  • Appointment with a personal trainer
  • Ski-lifts tickets
  • Exercise equipment or safety equipment (hand weights, bike helmet, safety vest for bike riding)
  • Exercise clothes for indoors and outdoors
  • Exercise DVDs
  • Trial gym or pool membership
  • Fruit basket or fruit-of-the-month club
  • A selection of herbs and spices
  • Specialty coffees, teas or low-fat hot cocoa
  • Utensils and equipment for healthy cooking (non-stick pans, graters or zesters, grill pan, indoor or outdoor grill, knives, cutting board)
  • Homemade healthy dinner or baked goods

-Source: National Cancer Institute