Don’t Leave the Pharmacy without Doing This

Lets Talk about Prescriptions Month Dans Wellness Newsletter October 2015After you have received your prescription medication, and before you leave the pharmacy, make sure you do the following:

  • Check to be sure you have the right medicine. If you’ve received this medicine before, make sure this prescription has the same shape, color, size, markings and packaging.  Anything different?  As your pharmacist.  If it seems different when you use it, tell your pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare professional.
  • Be sure you know the right dose for the medicine and you know how to use it. Any questions?  Ask your pharmacist.
  • Make sure there is a measuring spoon, cup or syringe included for liquid medicine. If the medicine doesn’t come with a special measuring tool, ask your pharmacist about getting one.  (Spoons used for eating and cooking may give the wrong dose.  Don’t use them.)
  • Be sure you have any information the pharmacist can give you about the medicine. Read it and save it.
  • Get the pharmacy phone number, so you can call back with questions or concerns. This should be on your prescription label.  If it isn’t, ask for the number.

–Sources:  U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; U.S. Food and Drug Administration