Protect Your Bones, Starting Today

Many things can weaken bones.  Some are outside your control.  Some medical conditions can make you prone to bone disease.  But there are some things you can control:

  • Get enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet.
  • Be physically active.  Yoga and weight-bearing exercise, for example, have been shown to help maintain bone mass.
  • Reduce hazards in your home that could increase your risk of falling.
  • Talk with your doctor about medicines you are taking that could weaken bones, such as medicine for thyroid problems or arthritis.  Discuss ways to protect bones while treating other problems.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.  Being underweight raises the risk of fracture and bone loss.
  • Don’t smoke.  Smoking can reduce bone mass and increase your risks for a broken bone.
  • Limit alcohol use.  Heavy alcohol use reduces bone mass and increases your risk for broken bones.

Source:  National Institutes of Health