These Tools Make It Easier

Quitting smoking isn’t easy.  But good tools are available.  The National Cancer Institute has a “Smoking Quitline” where you can talk to a trained counselor.  Call 1-877-44U-QUIT (1-877-448-7848).

There are a number of nicotine-replacement therapies (NRTs) that can help break the urge to smoke.  Typically these allow you to gradually taper off on the amount of nicotine you take in until you are able to more easily stop altogether.  Here are a few of these NRT tools, some of which require a prescription:

  • Patch – Nicotine enters your body through your skin and stays in your body for several hours after the patch is taken off.
  • Gums and lozenges – Nicotine enters your body through the lining of the mouth.
  • Nasal spray – Nicotine is sprayed into the nostril, but not inhaled.  This is usually prescribed for very addicted smokers and itself can be more addictive than other NRTs.
  • Inhaler – You puff this like a cigarette and the inhaler turns the nicotine into a vapor.
  • Withdrawal medicines – Talk to your doctor about drugs that help reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms, some of which can also block the effects of nicotine should you start smoking again.

Source:  National Cancer Institute