Take Preacautions – and Enjoy the Fun!

Taking care of your feet this summer means you’ll be able to enjoy all that the season has to offer. These tips can help.

  • Limit walking barefoot, as it exposes feet to sunburn as well as plantar warts, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and other infections. It also increases the risk of injury to your feet.
  • Wear shoes of flip-flops around the ool, to the beach, and in the locker room.
  • Apply sunscreen all over your feet, especially the tops and fronts of ankles, and reapply it after you’ve been in the water.
  • Some activities at the beach, lake or river may require different types of footwear, so be sure to ask the contact at each activity if specific shoes are needed. To be safe, always pack an extra pair of sneakes or protective water shoes. If your shoes will be getting wet, they should be dried out completely before your next wearing to prevent bacteria or fungus from growing.

Source: American Podiatric Medical Association