How to Select Kids’ Shoes

Your Childs Feet Dans Wellness Newsleter August 2015It’s back-to-school time, and that may mean it’s time for shoe shopping.  Children over 3 years of age experience increases of about one half a foot size every four to six months.  Style and shoe fit are important for school-age children.  At this age, they can choose from a variety of options, including athletic shoes, sandals, hiking shoes, etc.

Look for reasonably priced, flexible, well ventilated shoes that allow plenty of room for growth.  If you have a great deal of difficulty finding shoes that fit, or if your child develops calluses, sores or other foot problems, consult your physician.

Seventy percent of children wear shoes with D and E widths.  Most boys wear E width and most girls wear D width.  A tie-fastened shoe can accommodate most widths.  Look for shoes with rounded toe boxes to give the toes more room for movement.

Remember, shoes should be comfortable from the start.  If new shoes need to be “broken in,” it means either they were not properly designed or not properly fitted for your child’s foot.

-Source:  American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society