Tips for Maintaining Good Posture Throughout Life

Developing healthy posture now is an important gift to give yourself.  The benefits will last a lifetime!  These tips can help:

  • Keep your weight down. Excess weight exerts a constant forward pull on the back muscles and stretches and weakens abdominal muscles.
  • Avoid staying in one position for long periods. Inactivity causes muscle tension and weakness.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress and use a pillow that is just big enough to maintain the normal cervical (neck) curve. Avoid using an oversized pillow or several pillows.
  • Bend your knees when picking something up or putting it down. Carry a heavy object by using two hands and keeping the load close to your waist.
  • Wear comfortable, supportive shoes. Avoid continuous use of high-heeled or platform shoes, which throw the back’s natural curves out of alignment.
  • Walk with good posture. Keep your head erect with your chin parallel to the ground and allow arms to swing naturally.

Source:  American Physical Therapy Association